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Your tests say there is nothing wrong with you but you still feel like there is? 

Blood tests look for disease, but they don't take into account the step before disease -- dysfunction. Hair testing helps you understand the dysfunction. The 'why' behind your symptoms and disease.

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When we have functional health issues, getting blood tests done for our symptoms is like getting a blood test for a broken arm. It tells us there is nothing wrong. But maybe we just did the wrong test. 

The question then becomes. 'What test do I send for?' Common other testing for women includes DUTCH Testing, Hair Testing (HTMA) and Stool GI Mapping. Let's uncover the difference and discover which is right for you. 




Is there really 'nothing wrong' or have you been seeking the wrong kind of help? 


The kind of help you need depends on how long you have had the issue. Press play on the video to see where you sit on the health spectrum.

Hair testing is an amazing way to objectively test your health when you're sitting in the 'Dysfunctional' state of your health.

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Why hair testing?

You've been told there is nothing wrong...

Hair Testing gives us an objective insight into the function of our body by assessing the nutrient balance in our body. Our cells utilise a specific balance of nutrients to function. When the ratios are altered we can understand not only which parts of our body aren't functioning well, but also why. if you've been told there is nothing wrong with you, but still suffer from chronic or 'random' symptoms. Hair Testing is a great way to objectively investigate the underlying patterns in your body.

What information can you learn on a hair test?


Ultimately it provides a deep insight into the function of your body, by looking at what your cells are lacking or in excess of. 

  • How your nervous system is functioning (Shutdown or fight/flight) and how chronic this state has been
  • How to support your metabolism 
  • The nutrient imbalance that can be contributing to your blood sugar issues (tired after eating, PCOS, insulin resistance, skin tags etc...)
  • Liver function
  • Thyroid function
  • The underlying functional cause of your fatigue
  • Why you're persistently iron deficient
  • Underlying cause of your hormone imbalance
  • Issues with insomnia
  • Identify which part of your digestive system needs support (pancreas, liver, stomach &/or intestines) 
  • The role heavy metals and trace toxic elements are playing on your body
  • Ultimately giving an objective look into your overall health by assessing your cells.
  • Identify what specific supplementation you need


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How the process works

Simple testing done from your own home

All you need is a printer, scissors and a post office near by. 

Get started with hair testing (HTMA)

First get clear on what type of appointment you need...

If you've recently had blood testing and thorough investigation with a health professional and want a hair test... Book a CLARITY Appointment. 

If you haven't had any recent testing in the last year, you're experiencing new symptoms, you're experiencing chronic persistent symptoms or you're wanting a deep overhaul into your health... Book the UNEARTH Pathway. 

Both options involve hair testing. 

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How does a Hair Test (HTMA) compare to other testing?

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