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Female Fundamentals - The Membership (Yearly)

The ultimate guide back to your body for women who feel lost in the space between. 

What you'll get:

  • Library full of over 60 guided explorations for your energetic health. Helping address the energetics of things like skin, endometriosis, anger, your relationship to rest, to food, binge eating and much much more... Access anytime.
  • Hypnosis library designed to reprogram your subconscious to bring you deeper trust in your body, support your boundaries and deep connection to your body, to make it easier for it to guide you.
  • Library of guided breath work sessions to regulate, release, invigorate or create your ideal self.
  • Monthly meal guides to support fast and slow metabolic types
  • An online community of women who see their body as the solution, not the problem, and support each other in creating a new waves of healthcare. 
  • Support and tools on how to implement all 4 of your Female Fundamentals into your life.
  • Private podcasts from Dr Anthea updated every month
  • Workshops from experts in energetic, functional and medical health. 

All on an easy to access app from Apple or android phones. You can also access it via online browsers too. 



**Make feeling lost in the space between, a thing of the past**