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Helping women lost 'in the space between', know their body isn't the problem, it's the solution.

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Are you lost in the space between? 

"My test results have all come back as normal, but I still don't feel right." 

"I feel confused and overwhelmed with how to look after my health."

"I'm not sure what is normal anymore." 

"I feel like I don't understand my female body."

"I'm sick of not knowing what to do or where to turn."

"I've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease." 

"I've been taking medication without any long term relief."

"I have a draw full of half used supplements and don't know whether they're helping or making me worse." 

"I feel like I'm a bit of a mess to be honest." 

"I have a history of low iron, it seems to keep coming back."

"I exercise daily, eat well and meditate but I am starting to get irregular cycles, acne, pain and hair on my chin."

"I'm not sure if I'm going through peri-menopause but I'm gaining weight and I want to rip everyone's head off."

Help me find what my body needs

Maybe on some level you think this is your normal, or that nothing can be done?

Period pain, low libido, stubborn weight gain, anxiety, endometriosis, autoimmune disease, IBS... They are all common for women to experience, but they aren't normal. 


Am I just broken?

You might feel like there is something inherently wrong or broken with you. You've tried so many different things and seen so many different practitioners without any major results.

Maybe it's genetic?

You might be worried that whatever you're experiencing is genetic. Your mum, sisters or aunties might suffer with the same things as you. You feel like you're just unlucky and destined for the same health outcomes as them. 

No one has the answers for me...

You might feel super frustrated because no one can give you answers. You're super motivated to make change, but you're worried that what is suggested to you, won't actually make any change.


I can bet that not having the health you want isn't for lack of trying or effort on your part 


The real reason most of us feel overwhelmed, confused and spend hundreds of dollars on the next biohack, diet or lifestyle trend without having the health we want is because of two reasons:

1. We're focussed on something external like ice baths, green juices or the next 'it supplement' being the thing that 'fixes' us, instead of giving our body what it needs and letting it do the rest.

2. We've been using the wrong kind of help for what what our body needs. ie. Seeking medical help for a functional issue and wondering why nothing comes back on our blood tests. 

When we're 'lost in the space between' we can often have a belief that our body is working against us. The fact that you're alive means the opposite. It's working just perfectly. If you're feeling lost, confused or like your drowning in a sea of symptoms you need two things: Understand where you sit on the health spectrum, and use the 4 Female Fundamentals to give your body what it truly needs. 

Help me find what I need


I'm Dr. Anthea Todd

B.HSci.B.App.Sci (Chiro). MWomHMed. MRMed


A Women's Health practitioner, author and speaker, here to eradicate the 'space between'. I help women just like you understand what their body is telling them and what to do about it. I work 1:1 with patients and have also developed comprehensive sets of resources that help women of all ages make caring for their body super simple and fun.

In the beginning of my Chiropractic career I noticed the healthcare system for women was broken. Often, providing unwanted options, or no answers at all, leaving my female patients to choose between alternatives that neither met their needs nor desires.

So I went on a 10 year journey spanning across the medical field, with a double Masters in Women's Health Medicine & Reproductive Medicine, the functional field studying a degree in Functional Medicine as well as seeking more education on the unseen, what I call energetic practices, With Breathwork facilitation and Neuro-emotional technique.  

What I learnt was that there is this 'space between' for a reason. Each of these modalities are amazing in their own right, but they house their own 'blind spots'. This leads to women receiving mismatched care for their symptoms and focusing on the mode of care, as opposed to what their body truly needs. 

I use my unique combination of medical, functional and energetic knowledge and experience to help women of all ages and to train practitioners to become the type of practitioners women 'lost in the space between' need. 

I'm on a roll and have a bit more to say, if you want to continue along...

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The answer is simple. When we're lost in the space between, we need to focus on our Female FundamentalsTM  

 When we care for these 4 Female Fundamentals our symptoms fall away. 


Because our symptoms where never the problem in the first place, they were showing us the solution. They are how our body communicates to us that it doesn't have what it needs to maintain balance. The needs of our body are what I call the Female Fundamentals. 

When we're lost in the space between, it's not a time for labels, diagnosis or understanding 'what', it's a time to focus on the 'why'. 

It's not WHAT hormonal imbalance you have, it's WHY your body is giving you those symptoms. 

It's not WHAT gut issue you have, it's WHY your body is demonstrating gut issues. 

It's not WHAT is leading to your anxiety, but WHY your body is demonstrating anxiety. 


When we hold the belief that our body is always having a healthy response to an abnormal environment, we can ground into the knowing that our symptoms are always showing us the solution not the problem.


Help me find the solution

Let me help you find what your body needs

Being lost in the space between can feel confusing. What should I eat for breakfast, should I skip it all together, what about cold plunges, should I see a naturopath, a GP or a different specialist? Am I just going crazy? I've developed a variety of resources for you depending on your needs.

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