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Helping women lost 'in the space between'. 

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“As Women we can often go through life thinking that pain and discomfort are an inherent part of being a woman.

Period pain, low libido, stubborn weight gain, anxiety, IBS... They are all common for women to experience, but they aren't normal. Being a woman is AMAZING, let's get you feeling like you were born to."




Is there really 'nothing wrong' or have you been seeking the wrong kind of help? 


The kind of help you need depends on how long you have had the issue. Press play on the video to see where you sit on the health spectrum.

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I'm Dr. Anthea Todd

B.HSci.B.App.Sci (Chiro). MWomHMed. MRMed


A Chiropractor, Women's Health practitioner and speaker who is passionate about providing better healthcare options for women so they can learn to harness and trust the power of their female body.

In the beginning of my career I noticed the healthcare system for women was broken. Often, providing unwanted options, leaving my female patients to choose between alternatives that neither met their needs nor desires.

Since finishing my Chiropractic degree and working with patients, I have gone on to study a double Masters in Women's Health Medicine & Reproductive Medicine as well as; Breathwork facilitation and am currently completing a Functional Medicine qualification... (Yeh I love the body and learning how to work with it 😜) 

I use a combination of medical, functional and energetic knowledge and experience in my 1:1 work with patients and in my certifications for Allied Health Practitioners. 

I'm on a roll and have a bit more to say, if you want to continue along...

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for patients ready for change

For patients

All of your tests are 'normal' but you know something isn't right? Understand what your body is trying tell you through your symptoms. Work 1:1 with Dr Anthea and apply a balance of natural and medical advice. There is no need to pick sides, when you can have the best of both worlds 

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for practitioners ready to be the change

For practitioners

Do you want to learn more about how you as an Allied Health Practitioner can help your female patients with common dysfunctional patterns like; painful periods, irregular periods, hypothyroidism, menopause transition, fertility and puberty...

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