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Help your patients navigate their way out of the space between. Invite them to join the Female Fundamentals Community.

"I had been to doctors and after they told me there was nothing wrong, I felt overwhelmed at where to turn next. Until I found female fundamentals and the membership. I feel like I know exactly what to do and have all the resources and support in one place"
"Understanding what my body has been telling me has been a real gift. I now have a completely different relationship to my body. Thank you!"


Are you tired of not knowing where to send your patients?


If you have patients, friends, family or anyone in your life who has been feeling lost in the space between and you haven’t known who or where to refer them, this membership will provide all the answers they need.

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To a library of over 80 different explorations, monthly workshops, members-only community, bonus content and more...


The membership gives your patients the tools and support they need to navigate the medical, functional & energetic healthcare spaces with ease.


Focusing in on what their body is trying to tell them and giving them the resources and knowledge to support it. 


Helping your patients to know their body isn't the problem. And get the resources and support they need to start feeling like themselves again.


After working for years with women who are lost in the space between, I've known that they need a new story to live by. New resources and tools to support them in understanding how their body is the solution not the problem. To develop a completely different relationship to their body and address the root cause so they can feel alive again! In a fun and easily accessible way. When we don't need medicine, we need simply clear ways to care for our body functionally and to connect to our energetics.

This membership is just that.


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What you offer is life changing for myself and everyone in that grey area, that deserves to live a more vibrant and healthy life. Thank you for creating this amazing resource. 



I'm feeling great even after a week of sick kids and a touch of it myself. I can feel my body is so much healthier. All I needed to do is make the Fundamental tweaks. Thank you!



I can leave the house and not feel stressed that I'm going to need a toilet because of my IBS. I've been searching for an answer for years. Now I feel like my body and I are on the same team!

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