When we feel lost, confused and like doctors don't have answers, it's time to turn inwards. Testing your fundamentals is a clear way to understand what your body is trying to tell you, and what it needs.




fluid retention.


irregular periods.

painful periods.

hair loss.

difficulty losing weight.


brain fog.

dry skin.



heavy periods.

persistent iron issues.

 You're not broken. Your body is trying to tell you something.


Is there really 'nothing wrong' or have you been seeking the wrong kind of help? 

Press play on the video to see where you sit on the health spectrum.

The kind of help you need depends on how long you have had the issue. When we have been told 'there is nothing wrong' or been diagnosed with something that can't be tested for with a blood test or scan, like;

Your functional health is dependent on your 4 Female Fundamentals. If you're not quite attuned to the subtle messages of your body yet, or you want a detailed, specific report to your body, get your Fundamentals tested.

Test your fundamentals

Your symptoms aren't the problem. They're your body showing you the solution...


Testing your Fundamentals helps us understand the WHY behind your symptoms


💥 Are you anxious because of your environment, or is it because your calcium is low and sodium potassium ratio is off?

💥 Is there actually nothing wrong with your thyroid? Or is there not enough destruction to need medication or surgery. Maybe it's your stress levels or oestrogen levels or heavy metals or liver function thats making it hard for your thyroid to do it's job?

💥 Do you actually need calcium and vitamin D for your bones? Or has taking them coincided with feeling more depressed?

💥 Do you need to continue to take iron supplements, or is it because your copper is too high and supplementing with zinc and other minerals is actually what you need?

💥 Is magnesium what you need? Or has that slowed down your metabolism made you feel fatigued and gain weight?

💥 Are you tired because you're doing too much, or is it also that your adrenal glands and thyroid don't have what they need to work, you have heavy metals and your gut can't absorb your nutrients to help your cells function?

💥 Do you have IBS? Or is it that you don't have the resources to produce enough stomach acid and enzymes. Or is it that your metabolism has slowed, slowing your thyroid and gall bladder function so that your body finds it difficult to digest foods in the 'appropriate' place in your body?

💥 Do you have high oestrogen because you're unlucky or you're exposed to it too much in your environment? Or is it that your thyroid has slowed, your liver is holding onto copper, making it difficult to detoxify and your adrenal glands imbalanced so your body can't produce enough progesterone to balance it out?


Your symptoms are attempts from the body trying to tell you what it needs, not markers that you're broken. Testing your Fundamentals helps you understand these messages and gives you a personalised specific roadmap for what your body needs. 


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When we have functional health issues, getting blood tests done for our symptoms is like getting a blood test for a broken arm. It tells us there is nothing wrong. But maybe we just did the wrong test. 

What the test will show you...

Why you're experiencing your symptoms.

💥 Ca/P ratio indicates your metabolism. When it is higher than 2.6 this indicates that your cellular metabolism has slowed. When it is lower than 2.6, this indicates that your metabolism is moving fast. Too fast and too slow can both manifest different symptoms. 

💥 Na/K ratio indicates the active stress or chronic stress state your body has been in over the last 3 months. Higher than 2.4 indicates an active response to stress. Lower than 2.4 indicates a fatigued response to prolonged stress.

💥 Ca/K ratio indicates your thyroid function. Calcium inhibits thyroid function and potassium sensitises your cells to thyroid hormone. When your level is above 4.2 the thyroid gland has slowed down. When the level is below 4.2 the thyroid function has sped up. This can help to provide a window into why you may be experiencing thyroid symptoms like fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, bloating and dry skin, even though your blood tests come back normal.  

💥 Zn/Cu ratio indicates your sex hormone balance, immune function and production of neurotransmitters. When the level is below 8.00, you're more likely to experience heavier periods, PMS before your period, flooding, susceptibility to viral infections and increased likelihood of anxious and depressive feelings. When the level is above 8.00 you may experience recurrent low grade bacterial/fungal infections like thrush and BV, you will also more likely experience menstrual symptoms after your bleed.

💥 Na/Mg ratio indicates your stress glands capacity for coping with stress levels. If the level is above 4.00 your body is under acute stress and producing high amounts of cortisol, if the level is below 4.00 it's likely you have been experiencing chronic stress and your body is struggling to produce cortisol.

💥 Ca/Mg ratio indicates your blood sugars, sleep and muscle contraction (namely gut motility). When it is lower than 7.00 you may experience difficulty falling asleep, tiredness after eating sugar/ hangry'ness and looser inconsistent stools. When it is higher than 7.00 you may fall asleep easily but wake frequently in the night, experience more constipation and experience sweating or agitation after eating sugar. 

💥 Fe/Cu ratio indicates your likelihood toward iron deficiency anaemia. When it is lower than .90 this can indicate high copper is contributing to your persistent iron deficiency, particularly if you experience heavy menstrual periods and no relief after supplementing with iron. When the level is higher than .90 it can be because you don't have enough copper to activate the iron. You may also experience slow wound healing if this is the case.


Asses your toxic metals

You could have all the tests done, be told there is nothing wrong with you, or like several of my patients, be diagnosed with a chronic condition but not know why. Testing your fundamentals helps to also see what your toxic metal level is. Toxic metals can often be the missing link to explaining why certain symptom patterns arise in your body. 

Nutrients are how our cells work

Our cells are the basic building blocks for our entire body. Their function is what creates our hormones, enzymes, nerve impulses, muscle contractions, energy, thoughts, digestion, sleep and all other functions in our body. When we can see what our minerals are doing, we can understand why our cells are functioning how they are. Addressing our symptoms are the root. 

Then when we apply the Female Fundamentals framework we can understand the interconnect between our symptoms, our bodies capacity and how we can support our lifestyle habits. 

Melissa- 21yrs

I have some exciting news and that is that I have fallen pregnant!!! It is truly a miracle, and thanks to your help in testing my fundamentals and using them to know how best to look after my body, my body is working properly and ovulating! Thank you, thank you!

Laura- 30 yrs

I didn't have any major symptoms but was curious to see how my body was functioning. Since implementing the changes, I have noticed a level of calm and heaps more energy. I didn't even realise how this was effecting me, I feel amazing now that I'm looking after my Fundamentals.

Amber- 46 yrs

Since having my Fundamentals tested and making changes, I’ve had a definite reduction in ‘rage’ episodes, my husband said “whatever that lady you’re seeing said, you should keep doing that”

How the process works

Simple testing done from your own home

All you need is a printer, scissors and a post office near by. 

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Test your fundamentals
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Ultimately it provides a deep insight into the function of your body, by looking at what your cells are lacking or in excess of. 


💥 A clear personalised assessment of your Female Fundamentals

💥 Heavy metal levels 

💥 The nutrient imbalance that can be contributing to your blood sugar issues (tired after eating, PCOS, insulin resistance, skin tags etc...)

💥 Trends toward conditions given your patterns. 

💥 Thyroid function

💥 The underlying functional cause of your fatigue

💥 Why you're persistently iron deficient

💥 Underlying cause of your hormone imbalance

💥 Identify which part of your digestive system needs support (pancreas, liver, stomach &/or intestines) 

💥 The role heavy metals and trace toxic elements are playing on your body

💥 Ultimately giving an objective look into your overall health by assessing your cells.

💥 Identify what specific supplementation you need


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