Which Female Fundamental Needs Support?

Take the quiz to understand which female fundamental needs the most support; Nervous system, metabolism, blood sugars or nutrients? Get your score at the end and start giving your body what it's telling you it needs. At the end of this quiz you'll learn receive a score for each of the fundamentals.

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What Contraceptive Is Best For Me?

Confused about what contraceptive is best for you? Wanting to find something with the most efficacy? Wanting to avoid hormonal knock on effects? What is the safest option for you?

This quiz will help you get the answers to these very common questions.

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Work with Dr Anthea 1:1

Dr Anthea works closely with patients who want and need personalised support and guidance. This process works over a 3 month process. Diving into energetic, functional and medical health. Providing you with all the resources you need to navigate the 'space between'. Currently booked until July 2024. Apply now to assess your suitability. 

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What's your body telling you?...

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Jul 08, 2024

Are You Being Gaslit? What to Do About It

Jul 04, 2024

Heavy Periods - What's My Body Telling Me?

Jul 01, 2024

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