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CLARITY Appointment

For you if you've been told 'there is nothing wrong' but still don't feel right. Includes:

  • 1 hour Zoom Consultation
  • Review of any past blood tests and radiographic results
  • Hair Testing (HTMA) to uncover cellular dysfunction underpinning your issues. Read more about Hair Testing Here
  • Action plan based off of your HTMA results

$397 AUD

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For you if you have numerous 'issues and aren't sure where to start. Pathway includes 3 separate appointments across 8 weeks and a HTMA test.

  • 1 x initial deep dive appointment

  • 1 x hair test review appointment (This includes the cost of the hair test)
  • 1 x follow up appointment 1 month after hair test review
  • Payment plans available**

$699 AUD 

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