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"I had been to doctors and after they told me there was nothing wrong, I felt overwhelmed at where to turn next. Until I found female fundamentals and the membership. I feel like I know exactly what to do and have all the resources and support in one place"
"Understanding what my body has been telling me has been a real gift. I now have a completely different relationship to my body. Thank you!"


Just like, 


going on holidays boosts your sex drive, changing jobs gives you a whole different outlook on life, going to the gym frequently changes how you look, and holding in your truth makes you sick, your body reflects the story you continue to tell it. You have the power to change how your body feels. The anger, sadness, guilt, IBS, stretch marks, weight gain, reflux, hair loss, fatigue, endometriosis, anxiety, PCOS, fatigue, autoimmune disease, diabetes have always been gifts.

The membership helps you re-write your story.


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To a library of over 80 different explorations, monthly workshops, members-only community, bonus content and more...


The membership gives you the tools and support your need to navigate the medical, functional & energetic healthcare spaces with ease.


Focusing in on what your body is trying to tell you and giving you the resources and knowledge to support it. 




Finding yourself lost in the space between? Confused about what your body is trying to tell you with your symptoms and the next best course of action?

Join our community of likeminded women who are creating a different form of healthcare.

  • Constantly feel like something is going to go wrong with your health?
  • No matter how many things you try you feel like it doesn't matter because you're broken anyway.¬†

**Join the community of likeminded women who see their body as the solution, not the problem. 

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As part of the membership you are granted access to all monthly workshops plus replays of past workshops. 

Join Dr Anthea and other experts as they help you understand common topics and questions you want answered 

  • How to support your body through peri-menopause?¬†
  • Medical, functional and energetic approaches to common problems like thyroid, autoimmune, gut and more...
  • Live in-depth breathwork release
  • Understanding how to connect to yourself and energetically cut ties with past things holding you back

And much much more...

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Join Dr Anthea has she records exclusive spotlight podcasts answering your commonly asked questions. 

  • What form of contraceptive is best for me?
  • Why are my thyroid blood tests normal, but i'm still cold all the time, have difficulty losing weight, brain fog, constipation and depression?¬†
  • How can I help my self transition through peri-menopause?
  • Talking about the hottest new health trends like fasting, ice baths, saunas and detoxes.¬†

And much more, all accessible via the mobile app or desktop

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When we've been told there is nothing wrong but still feel like there is, it can feel overwhelming and confusing to know where to start. The membership has you covered with resources to understand what your body is telling you and the tools to implement change so you can feel alive again.

  • Monthly meal plans designed by Dr Anthea and nutritionist Tarnea to support your 4 Female Fundamentals¬†

  • No matter how many things you try you feel like it doesn't matter because you're broken anyway.¬†

  • Breath work library helping you to regulate, sleep, shift energy and connect to your future self.¬†

  • Guided Parts work explorations on themes such as food, energy

Simple, affordadble and accessible anywhere around the world.

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Know your body isn't the problem, get the resources and support, and start feeling like yourself again.


After working for years with women who are lost in the space between, I've known that they need a new story to live by. New resources and tools to support them in understanding how their body is the solution not the problem. To develop a completely different relationship to their body and address the root cause so they can feel alive again! In a fun and easily accessible way. When we don't need medicine, we need simply clear ways to care for our body functionally and to connect to our energetics.

This membership is just that.


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Hear the love



What you offer is life changing for myself and everyone in that grey area, that deserves to live a more vibrant and healthy life. Thank you for creating this amazing resource. 



I'm feeling great even after a week of sick kids and a touch of it myself. I can feel my body is so much healthier. All I needed to do is make the Fundamental tweaks. Thank you!



I can leave the house and not feel stressed that I'm going to need a toilet because of my IBS. I've been searching for an answer for years. Now I feel like my body and I are on the same team!

Upcoming Workshops

These are all included in the membership. Or you can purchase a workshop one off and have access for 30 days after the live event. 

 Meet your guides

Dr Anthea Todd

B.HSci.B.App.Sci (Chiro). MWomHMed.MRMed

Founder of Female Fundamentals © on a mission to simplify and add fun to healthcare for women who are lost in the space between.

With a background in chiropractic, a dual master’s in women’s health medicine and reproductive medicine, and expertise in functional medicine, functional neurology, cardiometabolic health, gastrointestinal health, immune-hormonal health, bioenergetics, and neuro-emotional technique.

My goal is to empower women and professionals to see their bodies as the solution, not the problem, emphasizing that the magic we seek is within.

Learn how you can support your Female Fundamentals at every stage of your life, through exclusive videos, podcasts and guidance in our membership community. 


Julie-Anne Kelly

Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist & Emotional Coach

A kinesiologist and emotional coach, passionate about leading my clients into deep processes of healing, growth, transformation and expansion.

I spent the first part of my career in the spa and wellness industry, where I developed a deep understanding and intuition for the body. However I grew dissatisfied with the surface level answers that I had to offer people with skin issues, body tension or emotional issues (people would often open up to me or get emotional during treatments).

So when I discovered kinesiology as a client about 14 years ago I fell in love with it straight away. I was suffering from a severe case of dermatitis on my eyelids (to the point they would bleed) that I could not get rid of ‚Äď I had tried everything from alternative to mainstream medical options and nothing was making a difference. I saw a kinesiologist and it was gone in 9 days, for good.¬†

I use my expertise across multiple frameworks to help create deep energetic transformation that creates ripple effects into my clients lives.


Megan Paiserbek

Internal Family Systems Certified Practitioner

Through my own journey of defying a mental health diagnosis that once felt like a death sentence to thriving for over 4 years without medication, I've emerged as a fully recovered patient of psychiatry. With a background in psychology studies, Internal Family Systems therapy and wellness coaching. I'm passionate about guiding others on their healing journeys. My approach focuses on empowering individuals to take control of their mental wellness, enabling them to thrive in every area of their lives.

The truth is, while cognitive work is essential for understanding our inner worlds, it's equally important to address the root causes of our challenges. Through modalities like Internal Family Systems therapy we can unravel old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us.

My goal is to provide a calm and safe space where individuals can reconnect with their inner wisdom and recognise their innate ability to heal themselves. Together, we can navigate the path to mental wellness and embrace a life of growth and expansion.


Bree March

Breathwork facilitator Cert. Meditation Teacher Cert. Mindset & Life Coach Cert. Spiritual Coach Cert.

Breathwork Facilitator, Meditation Guide, and all things answer seeker. I’m deeply passionate about guiding people into accessing the power of the unseen, working with energetics, emotions, sensations, inner wisdom, connection to self, to our body, to our heart & to our soul. We have the power to shift the unseen, move the unseen, release the unseen, and use the unseen to guide us into the most uplifted, healed & radiant versions of ourselves. 

This is why I love Breathwork so deeply, when we use it intentionally, it can guide us to opening doors within ourselves we aren't always consciously aware of. It can help us to connect with our psyches, with our bodies & with our souls, which can lead us to extraordinary healing, clarity, and inner safety. I love this medicine, and there’s nothing that I want more than to spread it’s magic wide and far.


Tarnea O'meara

BSc Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine

Tarnea O'Meara, the founder of That Healthy Co., is a wellness advocate on a mission to empower individuals to embrace healthier lifestyles. With a passion for holistic health, Tarnea ultimately wants you to realise just how good you can feel when you give it the right tools. She emphasises that true wellness is a culmination of various elements and believes that one of the most important decisions you make every day is what you put in your mouth.

Driven by a commitment to authenticity and transparency, Tarnea curates a range of high-quality products that support healthy living, including supplements, superfoods, and wellness essentials. With a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing, That Healthy Co. reflects Tarnea's values of integrity and environmental stewardship.




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Comprehensive medical, functional, energetic approach to understanding what your body is telling you. One year access to all Female Fundamentals Membership inclusions. 1:1 appointments with Dr Anthea Todd. Two test your fundamentals & 3 months personalised supplement regiment. 

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unlimited access to library full of resources 


New content uploaded every month 

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