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Understand what your menstrual cycle is trying to tell you, once and for all. 

 What's included:

  • Exercise and Nutrition guide to adapt to your cycle and age with over 65 recipes 
  • 4 modules of content with everything you need to understand your female body
  • Including what to do for common symptoms like pain, irregularity and heaviness 
  • How to monitor your fertility on and off different forms of contraception
  • Understand how you can care for your body as it develops 

Everything you need to become fluent in your female body. An online resource suitable for all aged women

**You have unlimited access for 1 year. The content is designed for you to explore in the order you see necessary for you**

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peri menopause fundamentals.

Brain fog, anxiety, menstrual flooding, hot flashes, hysterectomy, hormone replacement. Its a common picture painted for women in their early 40's to 50's. Peri-menopause is a natural progression of life, but these symptoms aren't the destiny. They're your body telling you it needs support. 

In this program understand:

💥 How your female body fundamentally changes in peri menopause

💥 How to support your nervous system in peri menopause

💥 How having difficulty sleeping is contributing to your symptoms and a symptom in and of itself

💥 How to navigate medical management. From hysterectomy's, uterine ablation, osteoporosis, hormone replacement and more

💥 When hormone testing is important and what to do when your results come back 'normal', yet you still feel terrible. 

Feeling terrible common in peri menopause but its not normal. 

When you understand how your body fundamentally changes, how to tweak how you support your body and when to use medical, functional and energetic support correctly. Peri menopause becomes a breeze.


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Do you feel tired when you wake up, even though you've had a full nights sleep? Maybe you struggle getting quality sleep? Your to-do list and coffee is the only way you access energy. 

Fatigue like every other symptom you're experiencing is a message from the body. Understand what your fatigue is trying to tell you...

  • What is causing your chronic iron deficiency
  • Why poor sleep is a symptom not just the cause of fatigue
  • The 4 signs your fatigue is being caused by a metabolic issue
  •  Is your level of fatigue 'normal' or is a symptom of something else under the surface
  • Understand what your fatigue is trying to tell you. 


Feeling fatigued is common, but it's not normal.


Instant lifetime access. 

Just $111

Coming 2024
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