1 Reason why your supplements aren't working...

Mar 16, 2023

I learnt this lesson from my grandma and only in the last couple of years have I developed a different perspective. (Swipe to the end to see one of my favorite photos of us together)

Like me, you may be someone who has a draw full of half used supplements. You see an ad for something or one of your friends recommends you try the new ‘hair and nails’ supplement. Or you decide to take the one that says it’s going to give you glowing skin and a tummy that never bloats.

Inevitably it doesn’t work, or it does for a short period but then your symptoms come back.

We can fall into the trap of thinking we need something external to ‘fix us’ and we end up using supplements like many of us use medication. We use it to mask our symptoms instead of addressing the root cause.

So what should we do instead? Avoid getting ‘sucked in’ to eating the ‘cherries’ and eat ‘the cake first’.

The cake is made up of all the things our body needs to thrive. Surprise surprise there isn’t anything flashy or fancy about it. But when done consistently, your body works how it was built to work… a symptom of that? No more symptoms.

The cake is your Fundamentals:
1. Regulated Nervous System
2. Micro & Macro Nutrients
3. Supported Metabolism
4. Balanced Blood Sugars

Being Female means how we integrate these 4 Fundamentals changes at different phases of our lives.

Neither one is more important than the other, but we need all of them for the impacts to be felt.

When I think about the Fundamentals I always think back to my Grandma who was a badass and so kind, healthy and clever, but unfortunately she passed away almost 11 years ago due to chronic stress and the knock on affects in her body.

So I want you to look through the 4 Fundamentals and think; how many or which one am I letting slip? Getting that under control is more likely to give you the lasting change you’re chasing in that supplement bottle.


Ps. I know Grandma is still doing her thing, guiding me in the right direction and doing it style 💃🏻🏄‍♀️

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