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Post Menopause- Start Here

menopause Jun 07, 2022
Post Menopause

So if we keep it simple, our oestrogen and progesterone have decrease quite rapidly. This can feel like we have a shorter mental fuse, difficulty sleeping and slow metabolism. Around 10 years after our last period our testosterone levels have dropped substantially.

This can lead us to feeling less motivated, drained and lacking in libido. Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) does have a place here and can often be used to subside symptoms beginning in peri-menopause. There are possible risks that you should discuss with your doctor, but what the research shows that there is a golden window of time where HRT can be protective to your bone, brain and heart health, along with subsiding your unwanted symptoms. We can also help our hormones through the amount of food we eat that has natural oestrogens in it (phyto-oestrogens), our body loves these! Check out the girl powder recipe to easily add these into your diet. 


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