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Menstrual Spotting

Having bloody discharge in the middle of your cycle, or when it’s not due to come. Normally you can see a little on toilet paper after you wipe, or in your knickers (hopefully not those new expensive ones though!) It’s usually down to hormonal imbalance, but can less often be a sign of more sinister things. It’s always good to let your health professional know when it first starts to happen, or if anything changes. Health responsibility is the new cool gals.

Why Am I Spotting?

If we remember why our vagina bleeds in the first place, it’s always tied to a drop in both oestrogen and progesterone. Hence why we have a fake bleed when we stop taking the active pill and move onto the sugar pills, if we’re on contraception. 

So if we keep this in mind we can work backwards and find out why we may be spotting. The number one cause being that our oestrogen drops below the lower limit just before ovulation (you know when the egg drops). This is common in women who are fit, are exercising a lot, or have very little body fat. 



"Pay attention to what your vagina is telling you about your entire body."

Other Reasons

As we mentioned if this is something new, or something that has been going on for a while but you haven’t brought yourself to get checked under the hood, now would be a good time. Our periods and when we bleed from our vagina tell us a lot about what the F*#% is going on with our whole body, not just our reproductive organs. It could be from things like pregnancy, cancers, infections and global body issues. No need to stress out and run to the worst case scenario in the beginning, mention it to your doctor and let them do the investigating.

What The F*#% Do I Do About It?

Well first, if this is new, go get checked under the hood. The really nasty stuff is rare, but it does happen, and depending on your family history and genetics you may be at a greater risk. Once all the serious stuff is ruled out, then it’s time to look at balancing your hormones. 

Regulate your Oestrogen levels

If this is too low we can expect bleeding. Sometimes this can be low because we are really quite skinny, as our fat is another source of oestrogen. It can also come on if we’re super stressed- stress glands also produce oestrogen. A perfect storm of this is when we’re training really hard and pushing our bodies physically to be super fit. We need to remember that our bodies aren’t the same as mens, this is a good thing! We can use it to our advantage, we just need to know how. For tips on exercise visit here 

We can also boost our natural oestrogens by eating them. Phyto-oestrogens are a great way to boost your levels and get in all the other necessary ingredients women need, all at the same time. Check out our Girl-Powder recipe here. 

Boost your Progesterone 

Progesterone is made when we ovulate. No ovulation no progesterone. If this happens a lot of times, even the slightest dip in oestrogen can trigger bleeding. Progesterone is also a great brain calmer, bone and gut looker-afterer. For more info on how to best insure ovulation check out this page. Also remember if you’re on ‘the pill’ you don’t ovulate. 

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